Do we really need a Project Manager and a Builder and will this cost more?

We replace the Builder or Main Contractor and manage the site and individual trades. Our fees replace a builders profit and wages which are hidden costs in a fixed price contract. The builders profit and wages and mark up on materials will usually be significantly higher than our project management fees.

What happens if I make changes during the build?

Our project manager will incorporate your changes in the most effective way possible. Typically you will be required to cover additional costs to complete the work which will consist of labour and materials at cost price. There will be no mark up of any kind, which is one of the main advntages of our project management services. When using a fixed price contract changes will be subject to inflated costs including mark up on materials.

Why is your route better for me than using a fixed price builder?

There are many advantages of using us to deliver your build. When undertaking a fixed price contract the builder or main contractor will increase profit by executing the work in the most cost effective manner. This profit will not be shared with you and the fixed price will remain unchanged. A builder could be tempted to increase profit made by using inferior materials and products or low quality labour. Most Self Builder's strive to acheive a balance of good quality and value for money and we believe the fixed price framework, creates a conflict of interest between Builder and Client. Our involvement and interests in how the project moves forward is more aligned with the Client's. Our fees are fixed and we are an independent consultant representing the Client during the project.